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APS started in Finland on cabling design, networks solutions, special cables and supplies along the Scandinavian coast.

What started as one man in 2005, later established in Singapore the APS Group Finland. Seeing a potential hub for Global distributions and a strategic hub for reaching to the various industry.

Along the years APS have earn the recognition in the maritime oil and gas industries for the datacomms package supplies.

APS Group Finland is by far one of the largest combine stocks inventory solutions provider form by trusted partnership in the region. Having a warehouse area of 144,000sqft, it is setup to support the cut and ship global supply chain channel, extending to cables supply management.

Mr Alessandro Psenda

Managing Director – APS Finland

Alessandro Psenda, born in Italy in 1974, founded APS in 2005 out of several years in the cable manufacturing industry.

Alessandro entered the cable industry in 90’s in Italy and continued his experience in Finland from the early 2000’s. Those were vibrant times for the telecommunication industry for the 90’s saw the rise of the mobile industry and the internet, while at the beginning of the new millennium North Europe started to build FTTH networks on country wide scale.

While based in Finland, APS rapidly expanded its activity over the whole Scandinavian region and the Baltic Countries. During those intense days the company responded to the market calls by growing its sales network, acquiring certifications and approaching more sectors, setting up local stocks and by starting its own production of harnesses and cabled components.

With the expansion of data and telecom networks outside the traditional environments, Alessandro saw an opportunity in the maritime sector, from the large cruise ships built in the Finnish shipyards to the oil & gas rigs and vessels of the neighbour Norway. A few years later this new venture would have made the company known worldwide as a major supplier of type approved datacomm cables to these industries through its most successful branch AP MOG Solutions Ltd in Singapore.

Alessandro’s vision is to create a global cable company that acts local, whose common ground are the Finnish principles of trustfulness, solidity, quality, commitment. He works tirelessly every day with the APS international team to achieve this vision, serving the most diverse and demanding customers.

Mr David Ong

Director – APS Group Finland

Mr David Ong was appointed Board Director of APS Group Finland in 2014, he currently also holds the Director for Tecnikabel Asia Pte Ltd and AP MOG Engineering Pte Ltd.
Mr David Ong first started his career in Masstron, where he develops the Fiber Optics and Communication Business Unit , the first few in the industry back in 2005. He later joined Cables International, which is under the Jebsen and Jessen Group today, the largest Offshore cables stockist in Southeast Asia.
Prior to the founding of APS Group, Mr David Ong has 15 years’ of experience in the cables industry under his belt, one key forte he has is the deep sea maritime business where he craves out his reputation and recognition by many Foreign Shipowners, Systems Integrators, Shipyards and EPCs.

Today, he continues to press on and extends his challenges to the niche market of onshore petrochemical and railway (Metro line) sectors.

With partners and customers located around the globe, APS Group is dedicated to provide a fluent flow in logistics and warehouse management.

Our warehouse facility is strategically located 10 minutes from the future Megaport of Singapore and 30 minutes from the city. Our facility spans across 144,000 square feet of area has 2 direct loading bays areas and a loading ramp.

In addition to warehouse management, APS group provides cut to length requirements and export sea worthy packing services as well, so our partners and customers enjoys a convenient one stop solution.